The global potato crop is worth more than $75B, with North America at $5B

Growers could deliver 3-5% more by optimizing storage conditions.

Boosting food production, reducing waste

Two factors are changing the potato game: demand for more high-quality supply and the desire to reduce food waste.

First, processors like McCain Foods, Cavendish Farms, Lamb-Weston and Simplot are seeking a greater potato supply to try and 10x food production to feed a global population expected to grow to 10 billion by 2050.

Second, there's pressure on the food industry to reduce waste, including potatoes in storage.
Industry-wide, approximately 30 percent of the world’s food is lost or wasted every year. Of that, 1.2% is lost throughout the food production value chain including storage.* Growers and processors are seeking solutions to reduce that waste.

* McKinsey & Company 2023

Our vision is to develop predictive models that offer growers the guidance to increase both the quality of potatoes and marketable yield.

The AgTech opportunity in storage

Potatoes in storage are at risk of rot and excessive shrink, threatening loss in yield for individual growers and loss of supply for the industry overall.
For growers
Potatoes in storage are at risk of rot and excessive shrink, threatening loss in yield for individual growers.
For processors
Processors benefit from enhanced supply chain assurance, with a macro view on supply risks to guide how best to utilize contracted potato crops.
For facility system vendors
Providers of ventilation systems and others can deliver more value to growers by adding rot detection to facility systems. We provide ease of data integration.

Predictive analytics are coming to facilities

Technology advances in planting and harvesting have won many farmers over. With potential crop loss of up to 5% or more in storage, industry incumbents view optimizing storage facilities as the next natural opportunity for predictive analytics in agriculture.
According to the RBC Farmer 4.0 Report (2019), the trend towards embracing technology is already prevalent, with over 80% of growers under the age of 40 and 57% of those over 60 years old incorporating technology into their operations.
We have a supply problem in precision agriculture. [We] need to prepare the next generation of ag workers with knowledge on software, agronomics, equipment and data tools.

Precision Agriculture Consultant

RBC Farmer 4.0 Report

What’s the value of optimizing potato storage?

Learn more about the market opportunity in better detecting facility conditions that pose a risk to the $75B+ global potato crop.

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