We help potato growers maximize the value of their crop in storage

Detect early signs of rot and other storage conditions that put crop yield and quality at risk with smart remote monitoring.

Keep watch on crop risk in bins

Cellar Insights helps protect crop value in storage by making it easy to remotely monitor trends in facility conditions in time to take action to avoid rot, colour issues or excessive shrink.
Daily facility visits aren’t convenient, and simple dashboards of conditions right now aren’t adequate to see crop risk coming.
A remote storage monitor for potatoes
Monitor storage remotely
A tablet showing alerts for remote storage monitoring
Get alerts on issues
A farmer entering their facility
Take action when needed

Detect risks in storage with smart remote monitoring

Monitor conditions from anywhere
Detect rot and keep watch on trends in temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide from your mobile device.
Set alarms on conditions of concern
Customize your ideal facility conditions and see alarms and notifications if they shift out of range.
View trends to maximize your yield
Compare storage conditions over time, across different bins and seasons to maximize yield.
I’m taking 100 acres of production and putting it under one roof. I want to do everything I can to protect it. I used to be hostage to managing that risk. Now I’m only doing it in just a few minutes each day.

Ross Culberson

Cellar Insights, Co-Founder & Grower

Get full value of your crop this season

Assess Cellar Insight for your storage
See how the technology could protect potato value at your facilities.
Easy start package
$3,500 annually per bin for hardware, software and Internet services. Quote available to integrate with existing monitoring.
Hassle-free data privacy
We keep growers’ data confidential. If there’s value in data sharing in future, we’ll ask for consent.
A voice in product enhancements
Input and feedback from growers will guide how the platform evolves.

Hassle-free installation and maintenance

Insight backed by a support crew

We back our platform by taking care of installing, maintaining and supporting growers in using the data. Something not working for you? We’ll fix it with help by phone or a visit.
For growers
Protect potato quality and yield while commercial crops are in storage without daily visits.
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For processors
Best protect and utilize your contracted potato crops. We provide a macro view on supply risks.
For facility system vendors
Add rot and shrinkage risk detection to systems to offer more value to growers.

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