Predictive analytics are coming next to facilities

Technology advances in planting and harvesting have won many farmers over. With potential crop loss of up to 5% or more in storage, food growers and processors view optimizing storage facilities as the next natural opportunity for predictive analytics in agriculture.

Our Story

Cellar Insights was co-founded by a sixth-generation New Brunswick potato grower and top McCains producer intent on achieving a farm operation that delivers predictable yield, high-quality potatoes for processors.
Ross Culberson drew on 25 years of farming experience to begin experimenting with technology to track storage conditions including temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels to see when a crop in storage may be at risk of spoilage or excess shrink. He set up sensors to monitor and alarm when conditions went out of ideal range.
He saw alarms on risky conditions he was missing without technology. At first, he was skeptical. As he learned to trust the technology, his annual yield rose by 3% and sometimes more. Now Ross and the team offer other commercial potato growers the same opportunity.

Our vision is to develop predictive models that offer growers the guidance to increase both the quality of potatoes and marketable yield.

The AgTech opportunity in storage

Potatoes in storage are at risk of rot and excessive shrink, threatening loss in yield for individual growers and loss of supply for the industry overall.
For growers
Potatoes in storage are at risk of rot and excessive shrink, threatening loss in yield for individual growers.
For processors
Processors benefit from enhanced supply chain assurance, with a macro view on supply risks to guide how best to utilize contracted potato crops.
For facility system vendors
Providers of ventilation systems and others can deliver more value to growers by adding rot detection to facility systems. We provide ease of data integration.

Our Leadership

Ross Culberson
Ross is a sixth-generation potato grower with a particular interest in using technology to streamline production and post-harvesting processes. He owns a potato farm in Eastern Canada and a small equipment dealership. With multiple years of awards from McCains as a top producer, Ross has a track record of cultivating high-quality potatoes. He is passionate about developing technologies to equip the next generation of farmers to produce more with better quality of life.
Terry Sydoryk
Terry has over 30 years of leadership experience in the technology industry, largely focused on company creation and growth. He's led multiple early-stage technology companies, four with successful outcomes. Most recently, he was CEO of Chaordix until Benevity acquired it. Terry also frequently supports business teams as a mentor, board member or angel investor.

Board of Advisors

John Walsh
38 years in potato storage, 32 years at McCain's, master's in Horticulture — John brings extensive experience to Cellar Insights.
Pierre Doyon
An accomplished entrepreneur and mentor with 17 years as CEO of an agriculture marketing firm.
Barry Moore
Barry knows sensor and hardware development with 15 years as product development leader in early-stage companies.

Board of Directors

Terry Sydoryk
CEO Cellar Insights
Experienced CEO and builder of multiple early-stage technology companies, four with successful outcomes.
Jim Hardin
Co-founder and Managing Partner of Carrot Ventures
Seasoned investor and tech company builder driving commercial results for 15+ years.
Martin Vetter
Co-founder and Managing Partner of Carrot Ventures
Venture investor delivering innovation across a diverse portfolio, now focused on AgTech company formation.

Try smart remote monitoring on your farm

Get full value from your crop this season. Use Cellar Insights to monitor rot risk in storage and take action to protect value.

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